Don’t get bored – get busy

Nothing for 6 months then twice in March?

Well sometimes events come to pass in which it feels right to try and pass on some positivity and inspiration with a few light-hearted tips and ideas.

I am of course talking about Coronavirus, staying at home, and most of all how not to get caught up in endless negative news cycles all day.

Instead of subscribing to all the streaming services so you’ll never run out of movies and series to watch why not learn a new skill? I’m pretty sure everyone has a list of things they thought of getting into or getting done  “if only they had more time”. Well, now you do…so yay-ish!

Start by making a list. Love a good list! Actually sit down, no distraction for 10 minutes, and write down things you’d like to learn, books you’d like to read, and things that need doing around the house. Yes, while you’re stuck inside you might as well make your surroundings as pleasant as possible without spending a fortune. I’m talking paint , putting up a gallery wall, and other easy decorative finishes like these vinyl coverings by Jes Rose (I bought one of her designs a while ago and can’t wait to use it!) In other words don’t get bored, get busy! 

Never done any of these things yourself before? Not to worry. YouTube tutorials have got your back! (See above) High on my own list is mastering the sewing machine. A few years ago i bought one and started YouTube learning the basics, then life and business got more all consuming and it’s been sitting in the pantry ever since. 

I know “crafty” can be a bit of a dirty word associated with weird DIY glitter goblets on 5 minute Crafts and such. In reality it is of course what you make of it and actually great fun when you’re involved in it. For example I love going through my clothes and accessories and fish out things I’m no longer that into, then think of how to “improve” them. Recent exploits include cutting up a couple of pairs of knackered leather shoes and reassembling components into scarf ties, as well as finally deciding this pompom scarf needed even more adornments in the form of numerous sew on patches (work in progress)….first floral patch by the ever amazing Ellie Mac Embroidery 

Not your thing? That’s cool, you should do your own thing anyway 😉

…but you get the idea. When circumstances can’t be changed, it is up to each and every one of us to make the most of them.

Do: avoid travel, get in some DIY, crafting, and decorating materials and keep washing those hands

Don’t: stockpile toilet paper, soap, and sanitiser….remember other people need to be able to wash and keep their their hands clean to stop overall spread,too!

…now excuse me while i have to glitterise the crockery!

Stare At Art Not Walls
Stare at art, not walls

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